JMart, His Dankness


This popped up on my time line this morning and I have to say I’m a little surprised. It did not surprise me when Justin “Contested 3” Martin left Xavier but none of the programs he’s looking to transfer to seem like vertical moves. Most of this is based on each team’s recent history and my knowledge of them, which is not a lot. I also don’t know enough about basketball schemes to know whether or not Justin “Dribble through the Press” Martin is a good fit for a program, but I assume that variable is approximately equal across all programs he’s looking at.

To see if my assumption was correct about program strength I looked up some basic information on each team. MIN/G is minutes per game.


The most obvious thing here is that even for it’s strong incoming class, Xavier is losing a large amount of its minutes while the three other schools are retaining the bulk of their program. Incoming class rank is misleading because though 247sports had the most comprehensive list, its ranking of SMU is WAY off espn, rivals, and yahoo, who all have SMU’s class somewhere around 30. Tournament success is also misleading, though Xavier was the only team in the NCAA tournament, SMU and FSU very likely could have been close competitors to Xavier. Overall, it’s clear that none of the three teams JMart is looking at are a clear step up from Xavier.

However, there’s another consideration that may be coloring his decision


Using data from (welcome to the future) here is some info someone might want to show Justin “Lazy Ass Layup” Martin.


Scores here are out of 5, with 5 meaning that laws are heavily enforced and people are intolerant of marijuana smoking


SMU probably has the best incoming freshman class after Xavier, and they’re retaining a lot of minutes from last year, but it is probably the worst fit on this whole list for JMart. If he did not enjoy his time with the Jesuits, wait until he meets a Methodist. The scores for law enforcement and social acceptance I’m guessing are much higher than for the rest of the state of Texas.

As much as I was not looking forward to watching a team where Justin “Shuffle back on D” Martin was considered the veteran leader, I don’t believe he did himself a great favor by transferring if these are his options. So long JMart.


Want my data? God help your soul

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